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Bringing Technology from Georgia Tech and the Scripps Research Institute to Industry

Accelerate Development

Our system can take your drug discovery timeline from years to months.

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We can save most companies around 40% on testing their vaccine candidates. Our tests can confirm negative immunigenocity with a fraction of the trials used in current testing.


Services can be performed at our labs or in yours, or with approved CROs.

Tested Technology

NanoCliq’s technology has been vested by scientists at two of the world’s leading research institutions.


We can take two years off of your R&D timeline.

NanoCliq vaccine technology helps pharma companies to dramatically reduce R&D cost by shortening the testing required to identify high potential chemical entities, eliminating purification steps and bringing vaccines quickly to human clinical trials.

NanoCliq helps companies find vaccines up to ten times faster and at a fraction of the cost by using a novel new nanoparticle system developed at Georgia Tech.

  • % cost savings

    Using NanoCliq can save 40% or more off your testing budget.

  • % Time Savings

    NanoCliq can take 2 years off of your drug development timeline.

  • % Chance of Success

    The likelihood that partnering with NanoCliq will increase your odds of success.


Our international team of superstars, from MIT, Georgia Tech, Emory, Scripps, and Rice Universities
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MG Finn

Science Advisor
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Richard DiMonda

Business Advisor
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Indra Datta holds Masters degrees in Computer Science from Rice University where he also worked in neuroscience research. He formerly founded and ran the medical data storage company
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CFO and Operations
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Robert Demont

Chief Scientist
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Business Development
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Bunny Sandefur

Intellectual Property

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